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Ready to Drop That Inner Baggage
 That Has Weighed You Down for Years?

Listen to the teleseminar recording and learn how!

Catch the Breeze

Radical Weight Loss Course -
"Inner & Outer



 7 - Week Teleseminar Course

Are You Ready to Live Your Magnificence?


Release Your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Weight First!


Are You Running Yourself Ragged?
Overwhelmed with All You Must Do?
Do You Put Yourself Last, Taking Care of Everyone Else?
Do You Feel Defeated by Your Attempts to Control Your Weight or Your Health? 
Have You Lost Your Joy?


Free Yourself from the "Inner Weight"
so You Can Do What is Yours to Do -
Change the Inner and it Will Change the Outer!

Are you ready to finally lighten your load and create a magnificent life?

Do you want to learn how to clean out the inner weight once and for all?

Are you ready to stop struggling and get in the flow?

Have you tried just about everything else and have almost given up on yourself?


It's Time to Believe In Yourself Again!

Your life counts.  YOU COUNT!

We are in exciting times of change and you have a purpose, and a role to play in the unfolding of a world of higher consciousness, cooperation, compassion, love and peace.

You are here on the planet at this time to do the work you were meant to do. But if you're like many of us, you get in your own way and get stuck in the muck and weight of your old baggage.  You are fighting your own energy.

So whether you consider yourself overweight or not, this information is for you if you want to drop that excess inner baggage that keeps you from attaining your personal and/or professional goals.

Too much unwanted baggage on the inside absolutely affects the "outer." It weighs you down, making it hard to move forward on your unique life path!



Radical Weight Loss isn't about diets, pills, exercise regimes. It is about losing the weight that counts: the weight in your mind, your emotions and spirit. Physical weight follows once you've shifted your mind, heart and spirit.

Why Radical? Radical means "root" or "relating to the fundamental or origin" and it also means "marked by a departure from the traditional" and "making extreme changes in behaviors."

Isn't that what's needed? You can't do what you've always done and expect new results!


Are You Getting "Up in Your Face" Messages or Experiences?

They are Gifts from Spirit to Help You
Clean Out the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Clutter!


Right now, you may have noticed that old issues are resurfacing. They seem "up in your face," don't they?


Are you overwhelmed with challenges that seem to be coming more quickly all the time?

Is it hard to figure out even where to start?

Are you experiencing difficulties in any of your relationships?

Feeling confused about how to deal with these situations?

Do you get stuck in doubt and fear?

Does your anxiety and confusion make it hard to make decisions and even find the baby steps to take? 

Have you stopped speaking up, at work or with friends and family, because you aren't sure what to say, and you don't want to rock the boat? Does not speaking up honestly leave you feeling invisible, overlooked, alone, depressed and resentful?

Are you worried that your body and your health are on a downward spiral?  Maybe you're worried that your kids' health will take the same downward course!  No matter how much you try to think positively, and make healthy choices, do you find your energy plummeting? Is your self-confidence at an all time low?

All the while, you're just trying to keep things together, day to day right? You want to get the bills paid, the kids taken care of, make sure you stay on top of all the little life details, and yet it's not working well, is it? What about all the details and projects you aren't finishing in your business? When will things begin to fall into place? When will you start making the income you desire and deserve?

What happened to that life of balance, ease and joy that you have been visualizing for yourself? Not to mention, that time for yourself, that you have promised yourself, whether it's a special day each week to just kick back and accomplish nothing, or a mini-retreat with a friend to the mountains. Those seem to be going the wayside more often than not!


Your Higher Self and Spirit Are Getting Your Attention!

And I Want You to Really Get This....

It may feel overwhelming at times, how quickly and how often you are being challenged right now, but trust me, these are gifts from Spirit. This is your Higher Self and God calling you forth to "clean up your inner house," to drop the emotional mental and spiritual weight so you can move forward and do what you are meant to do. Sure, it doesn't feel good, because those increasing challenges you are facing are wearing you out. However, there are easier ways to deal with them that support you in your quest for a better, lighter, more joyful life.

Don't you sense this quickening in your soul, this inner request to move into your Magnificence? Don't you already know that you are worthy of this step? And don't you already know that this is the very essence of this inner movement for your inner makeover? To show you, once and for all that you are worth it, that you are good enough, and that you must make a stand for yourself?


It is Time to Leave Behind the Shackles of Unworthiness

You can no longer afford to hide in the shadows. You can no longer afford to hide in the shadow of your weight! Whether it's your physical weight that you've been focusing on, or your awareness of your inner weight and issues, know that they have served you well to hide your light. Your feelings of being "not enough" in some form or other have kept you safe from being all you can be. But they have also limited your ability to enjoy life to the fullest!

  • How do you really feel about yourself?

  • Are you hard on yourself?

  • Do you have higher expectations of yourself than you do for others?

When you slip up, do you find yourself stuck in negative self-talk, even though you'd be more understanding and supportive with a friend?

When you start to value yourself, your life shifts into gear! Losing those pounds of unworthiness, resentment, pain, and fear becomes the catalyst for opening yourself to an abundance of health, love, prosperity and your ability to be of the highest service.


Isn't it time to step out from behind that protective weight and take your place fully in the world? Imagine how freeing it will feel when you can release the worn out beliefs, behaviors, and limiting feelings that have kept you stuck and prevented you from expressing who you really are?  You CAN make the choice to co-create an incredible inner makeover! And when the inner makeover gets underway, you will see surprising shifts in the "outer."

Spirit has thrown all my unresolved issues in my face for a good 2 years. At first, it felt too much. I began to sink and hide. I didn't want to face those inner demons. When I opened to the gifts-- trust me, you will be surrounded by wonderful gifts when you commit to releasing what no longer serves you-- I discovered the tools to help me drop this weight and reveal the Me that had been waiting patiently.


"This is like automatic weight loss! I was in a unhealthy relationship and had unconsciously put on 15 lbs pounds during that time. Once I decided to lose the guy, I lost ALL the weight – practically overnight! No dieting involved. It was my consultation with Marcia that helped me to understand that it was the mental and emotional weight that I needed to drop first, and then the physical followed automatic! I don’t believe I would have dropped the weight so quickly if I hadn’t dropped my emotional weight first.” "

Stefanie Hartman



Drop Those Excess Pounds and Do What is Yours to Do!

You are magnificent and you DESERVE and NEED magnificent tools for these intense times;
You can't get by on the old tools.  Your old ways trap you in a cycle of stuck energy;
I can give you the cutting-edge energy tools to awaken your cells to their brilliance. I can give you the means to lighten your load so you can shine!
Bring your whole self into alignment: (body, mind, heart, spirit) so you stay healthy, balanced emotionally and mentally, and can do what you need to do with confidence.
Stand up and face yourself in the mirror every morning with enthusiasm, unbounded energy and purpose.
Your love for yourself and your life and all that is in it, even the challenges, will become the grand adventure it was meant to be!

That is so important for you to get that I must repeat it:

"Your love for yourself and your life, and ALL that is in it, even the challenges, will become the grand adventure it was meant to be! And you will feel beautiful inside and out."


"The breakthroughs I have experienced by taking this course, Catch the Breeze, are life changing. Marcia Breitenbach is a breath of fresh healing air in her approach to taking personal responsibility for co-creating your life experience day to day. Her book, transformational music, workbook and teleclass, Catch the Breeze, contain a wealth of best practices to handle anything and everything as we move through periods of transition in life. Thank you Marcia, for sharing your wisdom and "singing your life song!"

Mary Gallagher



 Catch the Breeze Course Will Help You to:

Lose Mental and Emotional “Weight” First – This Course shows you how to lose weight from the inside out--We're not just a nation of physically overweight folk. We are a nation of mentally and emotionally obese people, carrying much too much baggage. You don’t have to carry that extra weight anymore!

Learn How to Work from the "Inside Out:"
If you have physical weight issues, you cannot work from the "outside in." The ups and downs of roller-coasting dieting, the ineffective attempts at managing your weight with various programs of exercise, and the heartbreak of stepping onto a scale with hope and dread leave you feeling helpless and like a failure. It doesn't work because you've been working in the wrong direction!

Lose the shame, embarrassment, the self-doubt, the anger and feelings of failure and being less than worthy and you can create the life you want and deserve. “Change the Inner, and it will Change the Outer!”

Practice Cutting-Edge Energy Techniques to Create Optimal Results - You are not managing your emotions, mind and energy effectively.

Learn Easy-to-Use Techniques and Energy Tools to Move You through Your Upside-down World with balance, peace of mind and increased happiness and enjoyment of life.

Step into Your Magnificence, using powerful techniques to transform self-hatred into self-love, confidence and competence.

Reclaim your belief in yourself and empower your self-trust and intuition.

Feel so energetic and magnetic that you’ll bring new clients and success to your business, and dramatically improve personal relationships. There IS light at the end of your tunnel!


Give Yourself a Break and Catch the Breeze!

When Your Mind and Heart Are Full of Garbage, it's Hard to Move Lightly with the Winds of Change!

We are in a time of great change and challenge. Everyone is being brought face to face with their unresolved issues. This new energy of change will not let you hide any longer. You can no longer remain INVISIBLE.

It’s also time to stop beating up on yourself. You may feel like you aren’t doing enough, or have failed in some way, but it’s simply not true! You may feel ashamed that you need some help with your emotions and your spirit.

Or you may be just struggling too hard, and not have the right tools to move with this new energy of change! The Catch the Breeze 7-week Telecourse will give you all you need to create a better you and a better life.

If you want to live from a higher consciousness, you need extra strong tools to assist you in moving through your life changes and the global challenges, with more ease. You can choose to move through this time, feeling like your head is barely above water, or you can choose to “Catch the Breeze” like a soaring bird on a thermal wind.

I want you to put yourself first. Challenges and darker times can help us to find a new way of living that is more aligned with our highest good. You may be uncomfortable now, but know that you are on the verge of creating more peace, energy, self- confidence and success in all areas of your life. If you are serious about supporting your spirit, mind, body and heart with the strongest possible tools, then read on. You are in the right place, and now is the right time to move forward. You cannot afford to put yourself last any longer!


 Be More Mindful of Your Choices Now

Ignoring Your Emotional & Mental Weight will Backfire

Whether you are one to just try and “soldier through” these times of transition, or bury your head and try to hold onto the past, or even just be bounced along in your attempt to “flow” with change, the results are not impressive:

You become disconnected from your feelings and your body.
You become stressed to the point of wanting to scream.
You don't eat right and take proper care of yourself.
You are not well-rested and your immune system weakens.
You are more forgetful, have difficulty concentrating and following through.
You are more prone to illness and accidents.
You argue more or distance yourself from family or friends.
You beat yourself up for not doing things better.
Your finances and your business suffer.
You find it harder and harder to find time for yourself.
You make poor coping choices, such as overeating, drinking, drugs, or other addictive behaviors.

Now, you tell me. Are you feeling like you're right where you want to be on that life road you are currently on? Are your habitual ways of dealing with weight and change working for you?

"I’ve been working with struggling clients for over 20 years and one thing I know for sure, is that by not giving conscious attention to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health while going through challenging times, you can end up with even bigger problems. Your health, relationships, your business, how you feel about yourself, about life and your future, all can suffer."

There's hope! More joy, energy, balance, peace and success are waiting for you just around the bend. You create that by your willingness to go through the “messiness” of life with awareness, strong support, and powerful, effective tools.

That’s what “Catch the Breeze” Course is all about.


Allow yourself the support and tools you need, instead of trying to "tough it out."

Joining your energy with a group of like-minded people creates a powerful synergy that moves everyone forward with more ease and more rapidly!

Learn How to Embrace Your Magnificence!

This course isn't just about losing weight and being prepared to move through change and life challenges with more ease; it's also an inspirational guide with concrete tools for living the fabulous life that you deserve.

We’re going to devote the next 7 weeks to you! It’s all about you! By immersing yourself in this Course, you will create permanent and lasting change. Imagine waking up each day with more energy, joy, clarity, confidence and feeling healthier in spirit, mind, body and heart! Imagine shedding those years of not feeling good enough, feeling embarrassed about your weight, and feeling like you don’t fit in.


Here are More Things You Get from This Course:

Learn easy and excellent energy techniques to manage change, life difficulties, stress and anxiety well. You'll sleep better, have more energy and enthusiasm,
         and better focus.

Lose your Overwhelm and manage your life and business tasks easily.
Consciously transform worry and fear…a MUST because there is a lot of worry and fear energy all around you!
Keep your family connected and healthy so divorce court, juvenile court or substance abuse treatment centers don’t become your new home.
Learn how to create true "comfort food"--again, from the inside out!  As a result, your self-image and confidence won't just surge temporarily. When you truly love yourself, you show up in the world more authentically. People
         respond to you differently.
Transform limiting beliefs that sabotage your efforts to make positive change.
Remain calm and peaceful in the eye of the storm. That allows you to make better, less reactive choices, choices that help you stay strong in mind and body. (You can easily teach these strategies to friends and family so they will
         also learn to respond calmly to life's challenges and stress!)
Shift your business energy signature to come into alignment and create more success.


Click Here to See a Complete Description of the
Catch the Breeze Course


Who Will Benefit from this Course?

Anyone experiencing the following:

Working too hard; not experiencing the success you deserve;

Dissatisfaction with inner and/or outer weight and health;

Feeling judged by self and/or others;

A lack of self-love, confidence, and self-respect;

A yearning to live from authenticity, love and wholeness;

A deep-seated desire to feel and live magnificently!

Overwhelmed with all you must do and want to do.

Feeling "the call" to make a difference in the world, and to do so with passion and joy!


During These Times of Rapid Change, You May Also be Going Through This as Well:

A serious illness, like cancer, that strikes you or a loved one;

A relationship change, like separation or divorce, estrangement from your family, or even a new marriage;

Loss of a loved one;

Career changes like a job layoff, or trying to improve your business;

Mid-life changes such as menopause, an empty nest, taking care of an aging parent, or worry about not having enough
          money saved to retire;

Financial worries and lifestyle downsizing;

Trauma from an accident or natural disaster;

Questioning your life's purpose and your current life path.


This Course is Also for Those Who Have Had Gastric Bypass Surgery or Who are Contemplating It...


"I had the vertical sleeve gastrectomy on December 17, 2008. In six months, I've lost 80 pounds and have 40 poundsto go by the end of the year. My bariatric surgeon told me, 'I've operated on your stomach, not on your brain. For the most effective results, it's important that you get the help you need to work on how you got to super morbidly obese, so you won't go back there again.' This has been one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself -- ten years of health added to my longevity."


Sandy Hogan,


I Am So Tired of Being Tired, Marcia! 

I am Ready Now to Change My Life!

 Give the World a Gift By Consciously Making the Choice for Change and Healing

When you release what no longer serves you, you lift your frequency, and this reverberates through the world. In other words, choose to make positive inner change, and it will change the world as well. You've heard of the "ripple effect" haven't you? Well, that's what happens when you choose to use tools like these that bring out your inner magnificence. As you begin to think, behave and view yourself and your world differently, you have a positive influence on the world around you.

Marcia BreitenbachAs a therapist and coach, my job is not about fixing lives. My goal is to shine a light and empower my clients. Each of us has within us all we need to succeed—however, we may not know where to find those resources. An experienced guide can point out the possibilities along the way. I have guided hundreds of people through life challenges, transitions and change. I know that you have been through your fair share of life changes, and you may be experiencing one right now! I too have experienced my share of bumps in the road. Like many of my clients, I struggled more than necessary until I got the right tools.

How exciting to discover the best strategies and tools for moving through life and change with more ease, peace, balance, and happiness! They are easy to use, yet powerful.  It's thrilling to empower people to shed the excess mental and emotional baggage that once weighed them down.

Are You Ready to Move Forward, not Backwards?

Are You Willing to Put Yourself First Right Now?

I Want You in My Course if You:

Are ready to commit to living your best life, even during the rough times;

Have an open mind and heart, and know you are worthy of a life of more ease,
     less stress, more joy;

Are sick and tired of feeling weighed down by your excess baggage;

Are you ready to live your life with better health, and less drain on your energy
     and resources?

Are willing to have fun while you're at it!

In our stress-filled times, we need to know where we're putting our life's energy and our life resources. And, with a better map and direction, the road ahead looks a lot more welcoming!

Important: If you are totally satisfied with what is in your life at this moment, then by all means, stick with what you are doing. If there are still some areas that you would like to improve, then remember this: If you continue to do what you are doing now, you will continue to get the same results! It is that simple.

And, believe me, I know from experience!  I had to stop myself in my tracks while trying to get my business off the ground.  What I was doing wasn’t working.  I had to stop and take time to reflect. Then I made a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to do some things differently.  It made all the difference!


"Working with Marcia was a delight!  The great news is that our work together continues to provide me with exactly what I need to move forward with all my goals.  I feel so much better about myself and my life, and there’s no going back now!  Thank you Marcia for helping me drop all that unnecessary weight!  Focus on the inside first really does pay off."


Susan Richards



Music is One of the Energy Tools For Your Sacred Life Journey

You probably know that music is powerful. Did you know that used in a specific and intentional way, it can assist your subconscious mind in supporting, rather than sabotaging you and your goals? Music is a very powerful tool to be used consciously for your best life journey.


"What a beautiful song! I cried when I first heard it and can't get enough of its message. I've been going through a hard time in looking for a better job and, more recently, dealing with a breakup. I like to use it to listen to each morning and evening, to remember that I can depend on my strengths to pull me through and carry on as an even better me."


Maddi Puscua



One of the gifts from my personal life challenges was music. Songs literally began to pour into me, songs about healing and transformation. They were “sent” to assist me, and later to help others on their healing journeys. Over time, I discovered the power of music to help retrain your brain and shift you into a direction that is more supportive to your goals. Music, used in a specific way, is just one of the tools that I give you for your toolkit to improve your life journey.



Catch the Breeze Course Description

Get Your Ticket To Living Your Sacred Journey with More Ease, to Shed that Limiting Physical, Emotional and Mental Weight and create more Balance, Fun and Whatever Else You Desire!

For the Introductory Price of $471
(or two monthly payments of $249)

You Get:

7-Week Tele-Classes
These classes by phone are interactive and experiential and are limited in size. These are coaching not therapy sessions.  They are however, therapeutic at times, and certainly educational and support your personal development. Note: If you miss a class, don't worry, they're recorded for you.

Each class will be live, interactive and include information from the 2 books, workbook, various guided CDs, music CDs and other content provided during each class. You will be given 10 Powerful Energy Secrets that anyone can use to create more of what you really want! Opportunities to create visual tools, such as a vision board or a mandala, will be given. In addition, movement, breathing tools and creative exercises are offered to assist you in understanding and applying the Course principles. Intentional music is an integral part of this Course, and music is provided that will support the goals of this material.

  • Week One:  We look at "What's Showing Up in Your Life" and how to use your energy to meet those challenges.  We also experience Step One of Radical Weight Loss.

  • Week Two:  We learn how to do Radical Connection to Spirit, Mind, Body and Heart and Co-Creation.  We also learn Step Two of Radical Weight Loss.

  • Week Three:  We learn the steps to Radical Subconscious Mind Energetic Connections.  We also learn Step Three of Radical Weight Loss.

  • Week Four: We learn Radical Movement and Radical Stillness: From Overwhelm to Overjoyed.  We also learn Step Four of Radical Weight Loss.

  • Week Five:  We learn about the energies of Expansion and Contraction. Radical Fear, Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm Transformation into Radical Enthusiasm, Ease and Joy.  We learn how to implement Step Five of Radical Weight Loss.

  • Week Six:  We learn the steps to Radical and Exquisite Self-Love, Acceptance and Confidence.  We experience Step Six of Radical Weight Loss.

  • Week Seven:  We learn how to do Radical Soul Gardening:  Embracing your Magnificence and aligning you with your purpose and passion.  We integrate the six steps of Radical Weight Loss.

Each week is filled with easy readings, music, discussions, and concrete steps and exercises to take you to that next level. That's why this class is class is called "Radical Weight Loss". The word "radical" means we are reaching to the very source or foundation of weight loss, as well as a departure from the usual or traditional ways of addressing all the principles in this Course that were mentioned above. And, the word radical also means "excellent" or "cool"!

We will work each week on our calls with participants’ challenges during that week.

Valued at $420
The Winds Of Change

The E-book, Catch the Breeze:  Powerful Energy Secrets, Music, and Tools for Living a Life of More Ease, Balance and Magnificence!

A comprehensive guide and workbook of powerful energy secrets and principles with exercises and illustrations that give you conscious and deliberate mastery of your life.

120 pages, includes worksheets; by Marcia Breitenbach, © 2009

Valued at $50

The Book, The Winds of Change: A Guided Journey with Healing Music…

The Winds Of ChangePowerful tools and strategies for dealing with your changes, challenges and transformation. Includes a CD of 14 songs to support positive thoughts, easier change, and living life more fully. By Marcia Breitenbach, © 2004

“I will always be grateful for the courage, compassion, inspiration, wisdom, beauty, generosity of spirit, creativity and humor that you have given to the world in your work”- Ella Gregory, New York

Valued at $20

And, don't forget the Bonuses!

Gift #1
Individual Session with Marcia: A highly focused one-on-one strategizing session with Marcia to help you to make the most of the course and to answer your questions in a personal, individualized way. This time is strictly for you and you will be sent some guidelines helping you to make the most of your time with me.
Gift value $100


Catch The BreezeGift #2
Marcia's Music CD: Catch the Breeze by Marcia Breitenbach 2007
Includes songs such as "Catch the Breeze," "A Simple Prayer," "What Do You Believe?", "It All Happens for a Reason," and many more. This intentional music will be used in conjunction with your course. This music will help you to rewire brain towards your positive goals.

Gift Value at $20


Catch The BreezeGift #3
The Magnificent Belief System CD for Changing Beliefs: This innovative system for changing beliefs combines the power of a song with lyrics supporting your shifting to magnificence, followed by a full-body relaxation exercise with ocean waves to take you deeper, and then followed by supportive belief statements and affirmations that address your health, your self-esteem, your weight, your relationships with self and others, your finances, and your overall well being. This CD has been getting rave reviews from Marcia's clients.

Gift value $25


Catch The BreezeGift #4
"The Magnificent Prosperity System" Make all your efforts to succeed finally pay off. This powerful CD takes you into your subconscious mind where limiting beliefs and images about prosperity can be transformed into ones that support the life you deserve.

Gift value $25


Catch The BreezeGift #5
"The Magnificent Health System" Work with your subconscious mind to improve your total health. Replace limiting beliefs that may be blocking your attempts to support optimal health and wellness.

Gift value $25


Gift #6
"Bonus Week Eight!  One additional group coaching session to integrate further the Course information and materials!

Gift value $60

Making This Course worth over $745 for the
very reasonable price of $471
or two monthly payments of $249!



And here are the other fabulous bonuses worth over $1,500, thanks to my wonderful colleagues:


Bonus #1 - Happy For No Reason Action Plan - Marci Shimoff
Bonus Value: $35

Marci ShimoffMarci Shimoff, author of the best-selling book, Happy for No Reason, 7 Steps To Happiness From The Inside Out, talks with Paul R. Scheele, renowned speaker and author on human potential and learning.

Together they explore Marci''s strategies for happiness and show you how to easily begin using these in your own life. You can quickly and easily raise your level of happiness to become more fulfilled, relaxed, and peaceful.


Bonus #2 - 6 Attitudes & Actions for Creating Effortless Success - Ruth Hegarty
Bonus Value: $39

Ruth HegartyEffortless Success is as much a state of mind as a set of specific actions that you need to take to experience higher income, fewer work hours, more freedom, time, energy, etc. This audio walks you through six of the key attitudes and actions you need to put into place in order to become truly successful in your business.

Get the inspiration to think BIG and the practical how to's for growing a successful business. It's for you if you want to get to work the hours you choose, with > clients you love, while making more money than ever before and loving every minute of it.

As a formerly extremely shy underachiever, Ruth Hegarty truly understands the personal demons that hold women back from stepping into your greatness and, most importantly, how to shed those demons and become authentically your powerful brilliant self. Ruth is passionate about helping women create effortless success in all that you do. As a certified Law of Attraction coach and successful entrepreneur, she knows what it takes to effortlessly have it all without making sacrifices. Ruth is founder of Leap of Confidence, a leader helping women entrepreneurs create effortless success.

Bonus #3 - Love Set Point Analysis - Catherine Behan
Bonus Value: $297

Catherine BehanDoes love stay just out of reach, no matter how many processes and techniques you use?  Maybe your love set point is set too low to attract that special someone.  Discover your love set point and chart a new course!

Catherine is a relationship coach with a twist. She specializes in helping people improve their relationship with themselves first before seeking LOVE from some one else.

Bonus #4 - Free Self-Improvement Starter Kit - Guy Finley
Bonus Value: $47

Features the extraordinary ideas of best-selling author and renowned success expert Guy Finley.

Includes the immensely practical 30 Keys to Change Your Destiny e-book; a phenomenal MP3 audio program, Seek the Source of Self-Perfection; a stirring online video program, What Your Heart Has Been Longing to Hear; and 2 helpful posters

Best-selling "Letting Go" author Guy Finley's encouraging and accessible message is one of the true bright lights in our world today. His ideas cut straight to the heart of our most important personal and social issues -- relationships, success, addiction, stress, peace, happiness, freedom -- and lead the way to a higher life.



Bonus #5 - Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem - Dr. Joe Rubino
Bonus Value: $129

Dr. Joe RubinoDr. Joe Rubino, CEO of is the acclaimed author of "The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life."  Download the "7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem Audio" and receive a complimentary Success Achievers' Club Membership and create soaring self-esteem, abundance, happiness, rich relationships and your dream life.

Dr. Joe Rubino, creator of The Self-Esteem System,, and CEO of, is an internationally acclaimed expert on elevating self-esteem, a life-changing personal development and success coach on how to restore self-esteem, achieve business success, maximize joy and fulfillment in life and dramatically increase productivity. He is known for his groundbreaking work in personal and leadership development, building effective teams, enhancing listening and communication skills, life and business coaching and optimal life planning.

Bonus #6 - The #1 Marketing Strategy on the Planet - Stefanie Hartman
Bonus Value: $129

Business has changed. Find out why those who read and execute what this manifesto contains may be the ONLY businesses remaining over the next 5 years. How the NEW Economy (*NOTE* this has nothing to do with a recession) and the #1 Marketing Strategy on the Planet can revolutionize your business and why those who read this now will have a massive business advantage. nPlus learn about how the timing and the culture is perfectly aligned to help YOU profit from this No List, No Money, No Risk Marketing Strategy! It is a free technique that Internet Guru''s use again and again, and has been proven predictable to produce MASSIVE results!

Often referred to as "The Expert's Expert", Certified Trainer and Marketing Consultant, Stefanie Hartman is a highly sought after Behind the Scenes Marketing Strategist for entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and experts throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. She is the Founder of a Private Club that helps Entrepreneurs develop and market their business worldwide, It is called the

Bonus #7 - 5 Steps to Turn Your Fear into Freedom eCourse - Paula Gregorowicz
Bonus Value: $97

People succeed and live meaningful lives because they are able to powerfully align who they are with what they do. If you''re ready to get clear on the life you most want to live, boost your confidence from the inside out, and take action and start living life by your own design, sign up today and get started transforming your fears into freedom.

Paula Gregorowicz, owner of The Paula G Company, is a life and business coach who is passionate about helping women get comfortable in their own skin so they are able to fully value themselves and what they offer and as a result experience greater levels of personal and professional success. She works with them to gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to succeed on their own terms and live life by their own design.


Bonus #8 - ''The Power of Receiving'' - Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski
Bonus Value: $97

The ability to receive fully is not automatic. It's > a skill you can develop and improve with practice. Once you've got it, > the power and profit of receiving will reveal a life of ease and richness you've not yet even imagined.

Husband-and-wife psychology team Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD, best selling authors of six books, are famous for their ability to dig deep into the heart of what holds people back while providing the recipe for permanent release from that internal prison.

Their "Power of Receiving" program opens you to a the necessary steps to releasing hold backs and opening to more successful living and loving.


Bonus #9 - ''Tickle Your Muse'' - Katherine Scott
Bonus Value: $65

Tap into your genius with this 21 Week Creativity Immersion Course. Receive weekly emails with idea starters, audios, pdfs and other surprises along the way. It''s YOUR ideas that count!

Katherine Scott is a singer/songwriter, creativity coach and author. She is a passionate advocate for living a creative life and believes each person has their own unique brilliance to bring to the world.



Bonus #10 - ''Gratitude or Complaint'' - Dr. Toni Lamotta
Bonus Value: $24

Dr. Toni LamottaAn audio by Dr. Toni which helps you keep the focus on what you want rather than what you don''t want.

Dr. Toni is an expert in supporting people and organizations in reinventing themselves in midlife. Her experience? - from Catholic nun, to computer programmer and dinner theater actress, to entrepreneur, professional speaker, New Thought Minister and spiritual life coach. She is also the author of the recent #1 Bestselling book -''What You REALLY Want, Wants You: Uncovering Twelve Qualities You Already Have to Get What You Think Is Missing".



Bonus #11 - "Beyond The Law Of Attraction: How Conscious Creation Can Help You Create The Blueprint For Your Future'' - Jackie Lapin
Bonus Value: $32

Jackie LapinIf you've heard about the Law of Attraction, you're only a tenth of the way there.

You could call her "Earth's Cheerleader." Jackie Lapin is a writer, speaker and visionary who is educating and uniting the planet's people to manifest a better, healthier more peaceful and joyful world. She is revealing to humanity its ultimate power for global transformation and leading the call for synchronizing a vision for a new and better reality...just as a football cheerleader unites the stadium in a cheer for victory. In this case, the victory is our very own survival and happiness.
She is motivating, urging, rousing and inspiring a unified call to action!

As an author of The Art of Conscious Creation, she is manifesting change and creating abundant lives all over the world! Her websites include:,,, and

Bonus #12 - "Gratitude ~ Affirm-itudes ~ Dreams: The Rebel Belle’s Play Journal" - Tuck, The Rebel Belle
Bonus Value: $59

Gratitude~Affirm-itudes~Dreams: The Rebel Belle Play Journal will guide your way, inspire you to trust your inner voice, align your power, and move through your days with “rebellicious” gratitude and the free-flowing spontaneity of intuition. Do what you love to do, follow your heart's desire, tap your joy and passion ’til your juicy spirit and enthusiasm “oozes” into every part of your life. Be enthused with GRATITUDE… Affirm your “fabulousness”… Get inspired with AFFIRM-ITUDES… DREAM outrageously everyday.

Tuck Self, The Rebel Belle, is a Southern voice for bold self-expression. As a gifted coach, writer and speaker, Tuck inspires you to live in Gratitude every day, empowering your voice and soul with Affirm-itudes of Inspiration, and to playfully create your Dreams, BOLDLY, OUTRAGEOUSLY, and ON YOUR TERMS!


Bonus #13 - "Audio Guided Meditation: Poetry as Spiritual Practice" - Robert McDowell
Bonus Value: $25

Robert McDowellThis original meditation accesses the magic of poetry to deepen your spiritual practice and communication abilities.

Robert McDowell is the bestselling author of Poetry as Spiritual Practice: Reading, Writing, and Using Poetry in Your Daily Rituals, Aspirations, and Intentions. Working at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, McDowell offers workshops, retreats, and one-on-one mentoring to individuals and businesses. He is the author/editor/translator of 10 books.



Bonus #14 - "Healthy & Fit - Inside & Out (Daytime Hypnosis Audio)" - Anita Pathik Law
Bonus Value: $25

Anita Pathik LawHealthy And Fit - Inside & Out is a powerful Hypnosis graced with original scripting and music composed with theta waves in the background. You will likely feel energy and sensations expand throughout your body. This day time hypnosis will offer deep relaxation and your subconscious mind and spirit will be lulled into a deep state of healing and expansion.

Anita Pathik Law is a coach, hypnotherapist, published author, speaker, an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and a powerful voice in the consciousness movement. Founder of The Power of Our Way Community and host of Conscious Dialogues, for over 17 years she has worked with thousands of people around the globe to help them "Raise Consciousness and Take Responsibility for Their Own Shift." Known as a manifestation magnet and a "midwife to the soul," Anita has leveraged the power of the mind and spirit to overcome the seemingly impossible.

She guides her clients to tap into their own mastery by awakening to and aligning with their soul''s purpose to receive their inknown wisdom and gifts. 

Bonus #15 - Special Report for Parents - ''Building Self Esteem and Healthy Body Image in 8-12 yr old Girls'' - Jen Charbonneau
Bonus Value: $55

Jen Charbonneau

As parents we face a tremendous challenge building self esteem in our daughters. Negative media messages reach children > at a very early age resulting in young girls relying on their appearance as their main measure of self worth. This special report > gives parents practical tools and advice to help girls discover their uniqueness, gifts and talents based on WHO they are, not WHAT they look like!

Jen Charbonneau is passionate about building self esteem and healthy body image in girls and women today. She believes that the value of a women depends far more on the shape of her wisdom, spirit and emotions than it does on the shape of her body. She empowers women and girls to recognize and embrace that beauty, love and acceptance radiate from within.



Bonus #16 - 30 minute Aromatherapy and Energy Reading - Marcey DiCaro
Bonus Value: $50

Marcey DiCaro

Receive a 30 minute Aromatherapy consult and energy reading from the Essential Alchemist, Marcey DiCaro. Marcey will recommend essential oils to help you ''Catch the Breeze'' and release excess weight from body, mind, spirit and emotions. You will also recieve a 10% discount on any purchase of essential oils plus shipping and handling. Included in the is the blend ''Catch the Breeze'' inspired by Marcia''s class.

Marcey DiCaro has studied herbology, aromatherapy and healing arts for 30 plus years. She is also an intuitive and energy healer who brings her wisdom and insights to helping people access their inner wisdom and abilities to heal and release self limiting beliefs and patterns.


Bonus #17 - Bed and Breakfast at Civano Bonus Description:: Super discount for weekend stay in Bed and Breakfast - for only $270.00. -Judyth Willis
Bonus Value: $390

"As a retired teacher, it seemed only right that I stock my house with great books, comfortable beds, and delicious food. Keeping it all realistic by locating it in a unique Green Community," shares innkeeper Judyth Willis. - Civano, Tucson, AZ.
Civano, Tucson, AZ.



Discover How Fun and Easy Change Can Be!

This is a fun course, with lots of humor and lightness—a necessary component for achieving a balanced life!

You can participate from the privacy of your own home, dressed as casually as you like, and without using any gasoline to get to class! And, as mentioned above, the classes are recorded, so if for some reason you must miss a class, you can keep up with the class rhythm.

"If you're struggling, or even if your life is pretty good, you need to get this must-have manual and course for exceptional living. Not only will Marcia's words serve you at the highest level but her music will elevate your spirit and keep you on target. An awesomely powerful combination! Begin living your life to it's fullest potential. Go, Catch the Breeze!"


Rick Beneteau Award-winning author Co-founder,10 Million Clicks for Peace


You Can Help Your Loved Ones Drop That Excess Inner Weight, to Believe in Themselves Again, to Regain their Confidence and Move Forward in Their Lives.

I'd like you to consider giving this course as a gift to someone you love who is going through a difficult time. Often people don't know how to help someone who is struggling.

You can assist them and lift them up by giving them a course like this that will give them the tools they need to have more clarity, support and ease while they are healing and moving forward.

If you feel called to "Catch the Breeze" with us, know that you will change your life for the better by applying these life-changing principles, strategies and tools. You deserve to "catch the breeze" like a bird on a thermal wind, moving with the energy, not against it. Let us help you get out of your way and live your life with more ease, balance, purpose and joy!

Wishing you the best on your life journey,

Marcia Breitenbach


Disclaimer:  Although I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, this Course is NOT group psychotherapy.  It is a coaching program that has therapeutic components.

P.S.: If you know someone who might be interested in receiving this information, would you please send them to this web page? Use the "Tell A Friend" button below to forward it to them!

Thank you for taking the time to consider these important tools for yourself or someone you care about. Many blessings to you!

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